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KOTA KINABALU: Former Upko Youth Chief, Arthur Sen said he is not a frog because he quit Upko first and only chose another political party later after evaluating the current situation.

Replying to Upko Youth Information Chief, Dennison R Indang, Sen said he had made it clear before leaving Upko that he had no intention of joining another political party.

“But what happen lately (within this short period of time) prompt me to come back,” he said in a statement here today.

Arthur Sen. SNT Pix/Credit FB

“He (Dennison) as a ‘legal expert’ when he even quote a judicial precedent his faulty analogy must know the fact I didn’t jump from one political party/alliance to another,” he said.

Sen said his understanding of a political frog was of a layman understanding.

“Frankly speaking I couldn’t understand why he quoted the (Lim Boo Chang vs Ng Wei Aik) case as a ‘reference case’.  Googling I did come across two news articles about that case which was reported in Penang.

“What is he trying to say by highlighting this case? Is it “the terms “political frog” or “frog” to be not defamatory”; or admitting themselves as a political ‘frog’ if quoting a “political frog is merely a label to describe the act of a politician who hops from one party to another party” from the news article?” he asked.

Sen also said Upko should stop manipulating its action of “jumping to Warisan-PH” as the ‘aspirations of the people’ (people’s desire for change) as all the seats won by Upko in the 14th General Election were under the BN flags and fund.

“This is a betrayal to those who voted for BN through Upko candidates. Upko has put all their supporters and campaigners in a dilemma,” he said.

Sen said Dennison should also be aware that much of the campaign materials like how Datuk Madius Tangau attacked the Warisan-PH and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad were still circulating around the social media.

“Please have some dignity, I’m sure that’s not an example that he himself or Upko wants to show to the younger generations whom are IT-savvy,” he said.

Sen said it would be a different case if Upko were to leave BN before the GE14 and contest independently or under the PH-Warisan banner.

“The perception towards Upko might be different if it consulted with the rakyat first especially supporters in the grassroots before making any crucial decision like that and not just within Upko supreme council only.

“It’s the voters who put you in office today and not the supreme council. The public perception might be different too if Madius himself didn’t take up any post (the DCM post by being appointed as one of six nominated assemblymen). So, stop twisting the fact,” he said.

Sen said that when Upko betrayed the President Council (PBS+UPKO+PBRS) that’s an example of backstabbing.

“When Upko betray voters, who voted BN through Upko candidates that’s betrayal,” he said, adding that Upko should just admit to the public that it decided to leave BN since BN was no longer the Federal Government after GE14.

On the claim by Dennison that he had lost majority support from Upko’s Youth, he said it was a mere assumption.

“I haven’t nor started campaign for the next party’s election. I was also approached by few youth divisional chiefs informing me of their support should I decided to offer myself for the post.

“Infact, he (Dennison) and his running partner has requested me to meet them while I was the Upko Youth Chief. They have asked me whether I am to run for the Youth Chief position and told me about their intention of running for the youth chief and deputy chief posts.

“He (Dennison) told me that initially he wanted Felix Joseph (also offering himself to contest for Youth Chief post) to appoint him as a secretary for Upko Youth Exco but according to him Felix didn’t commit and it is therefore he is going for the youth chief post.

“I told them I haven’t decided yet and ask them to carry on with their intention of running for Youth Chief whether I contest or not, as we are living in a democracy country,” he said.-SabahNewsToday


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