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KOTA KINABALU: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) should just move on and stop attacking Upko.

Upko acting president, Datuk Seri Wilfred Madius Tangau said the people were the ones who made PBS the opposition and Upko was only listening to the aspiration of the people.

He said 60% of the voters in the election voted for the Warisan-Pakatan Harapan coalition and he only gave in to the people’s wish to ally Upko to the new coalition.

“I think, it is enough. Stop attacking Upko. I don’t know why (Datuk Seri Dr Maximus) Ongkili is relentless in his attacks on us. The election is over. Please, move on,” he said in a press conference after the adjournment of the State Assembly sitting today.

“We all want Sabah to move forward and the opposition has a role to play as check and balance to the government of the day. So, stop playing politics because we need stability and peace now,” he said.

Tangau said, Ongkili should study the results of the last election and he would notice that Barisan Nasional (BN), of which PBS and Upko were members, only won 29 out of 60 seats it contested.

“PBS contested in 13 seats and only won six. Most importantly, they lost in Tambunan (where PBS president Joseph Pairin Kitingan contested) and Bingkor. Had they won the seats, BN wouldn’t have lost (the election),” he said.

On his verbal clash with Tuaran Assemblyman, Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor during the question and answer session earlier, Tangau who is a Deputy Chief Minister admitted he took Upko out of BN because he wanted to get away from Umno’s grip.

“Yes, I admit, I ran away from the grip of Umno,that is true. In fact, Upko ran away to be free of Umno because we want Umno to operate in a more suitable place, such as in the peninsula.

“So, now nobody can bully us. It is good we don’t have bullies here anymore. Instead, we will continue our struggle together with our friends Parti Warisan Sabah and other parties and we will carry on the work to develop Sabah,” he said.

Ongkili had said that betrayal was a virus that has spread after the 14th general election and United Pasokmomogun KadazanDusunMurut Organisation (Upko) exit from Barisan Nasional made PBS opposition.

“Upko betrayed us. They jumped ship right after Tan Sri Musa Aman-led government took oath. Their betrayal made us opposition.

“As such, PBS challenge them to vacate their four state and parliament seats they won under the BN flag and fund. Let the grassroots will judge them and test the voters verdict on their frogging acts. See if they can win their seats back,” said Ongkili.-SabahNewsToday


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