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Raleigh Borneo celebrating 31 years of sustainable change across Sabah


Raleigh International volunteers both locals and internationals sitting together to form number “31” to mark Raleigh Borneo’s 31 years expedition in Sabah. SNT Pix/Courtesy of Daniel Buttifant/Raleigh International

KOTA KINABALU: Since 1987, Raleigh Borneo has partnered with over 6,000 people from Malaysia and across the world to make meaningful and lasting positive change to nearly 30,000 people in rural communities, nine conservation areas and 25 environmental sites in Borneo.

For over three decades, Raleigh Borneo has focused on providing communities with access to safe water and sanitation, building resilience in communities and contributing to conservation, protection and research in one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet.

Over that time, there have been 71 expedition with 6,516 volunteers from Malaysia and across the globe taking part.

According to Raleigh Borneo Programmes Manager, Adam J. Young, through these projects, the organisation has created sustainable change which has impacted upon 28,573 people in rural communities, nine conservation areas and 25 environmental sites across Sabah.

Raleigh International volunteers helping to install a pipe in one of the many community projects done in Sabah. SNT Pix/Courtesy of Daniel Buttifant/Raleigh International

“We are very proud of what Raleigh Borneo has achieved these last 31 years, in partnership with so many organisation and communities in Sabah,” he said during the closing ceremony of the Raleigh Borneo officiated by State Minister of Youth and Sports, Frankie Poon at the Multiple Hall of the Kota Kinabalu Sports Complex, last night.

Adam said, access to safe and reliable water has been provided to 16,039 people in 70 rural communities across Sabah through their water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH) project.

He added that they have also benefitted 12,534 people by building 22 kindergartens, nine community centres and seven community centres alongside 49 communities.

“Providing villages with a sustainable and reliable source of clean water means, for the first time in some people’s lives, they are not having to really think about where their water is coming from.

“It’s not just about making life a little bit more comfortable for people living in these communities, it’s the fact access to clean and safe water and improved sanitation which means people get sick less frequently and have more stable lifestyles,” he said. – SabahNewsToday


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