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Police Continues to Monitor Acts of Mat Rempit

mat rempit

KOTA KINABALU: Police will continue to monitor and take legal action against illegal motorcycle racers or ‘mat rempit’ for causing public disturbance along Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen, near Centre Point shopping mall and Api-api apartment.

City police chief ACP M. Chandra said several complaints have been made by the public following the presence of ‘mat rempit’ in the area for several weeks.

“Actually, we have detained 11 racers for numerous offences and confiscated 19 motorcycles for the past several weeks,” he said at a meet-the-public program at Api-Api apartment here yesterday.

According to Chandra, the police would also detain members of the public for watching as their action was tantamount to supporting the illegal activity.

On the issue of illegal street kids and youth loitering, Chandra said both the managements from Api-Api apartment and Centre Point shopping mall have pledged to cooperate with the police to fight such negative activity.

According to Chandra, one way of combating such a problem is through public cooperation.

“The public can play their part by informing the relevant authorities about the presence of illegal street kids or youth loitering for appropriate action to be taken.

“Such negative activity will bring bad impression to our city as well as tourists and we must work together to tackle such issue from happening,” he said


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