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KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Umno as well as other BN-linked critics seem to be rather jittery over the appointment of a qualified Sabahan water engineer, Amarjit Singh as the new Sabah Water Department director.

“I wonder why they are so jumpy and apprehensive-like. Are they scared that Amarjit might uncover something unsavoury in the state water department,” charged Minister of Infrastructure Development Datuk Peter Anthony.

‘I’ve seen many political statements by both Umno and Parti Bersatu Sabah questioning the appointment of Amarjit,” Peter said in a statement on Sunday.

“Why do they fear his presence in the utility company? Is it because they are frightened that the deals which the Barisan Nasional government concluded might expose links to their previous political masters who either have run away or gone into hiding?”

Amarjit is the right choice for the department, he said, adding that the Parti Warisan Sabah-led government have promised to the people that it will be a transparent government and have said meritocracy will be the keyword in appointments.

Peter said he believed Amarjit is the right man for the job as he (Singh) has more than enough experience to turn the utility company around and operate the department prudently and efficiently.

“He will certainly be looking into all previous Barisan Nasional operations and maintenance deals and will take steps to ensure such deals favour the department and not the other way round,” said the Minister who is also a Parti Warisan Sabah vice president.

“As a water engineer very involved in technical issues, I am sure he can bring back efficiency to the department whose image has been badly hit by the corruption investigations by MACC.

“We want to turn the Water Department into a money-making agency rather than see crucial funds that could be used for further improvements, literally go down the drain or into the pockets of unscrupulous people.”

Peter added that Sabahans are all aware of the 2016-17 water scandal which implicated the whole department right down to the district level.

The Barisan Nasional state government under Musa Aman and his deputy cum Infrastructure Minister, Joseph Pairin Kitingan did nothing to improve the situation, he further charged, stressing that the current private deals were clearly lopsided.

“Why was that? Who were the real beneficiaries?” he asked.

“These are questions that Sabah Umno and PBS as well as the other critics must ask their own leaders instead of bringing up racial issues and questioning Amarjit’s appointment.”-SabahNewsToday


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