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Youths have a role in fulfilling Vision 2020

Ewon Benedict
Ewon Benedict

KOTA BELUD: The young generation in this country has a role in fulfilling the nation’s vision to become a developed country by the year 2020, and to continue past leaders’ legacy.

Upko Komulakan Chief, Ewon Benedick, said the success of a nation is dependent on the preparation of its youths in taking the leadership to face future challenges.

“Youths in their 20s play an important role in establishing the foundation of Malaysia. I believe that they can contribute to the development process of this country.

“The youths must not be seen only as a future leader as they are also part of today’s leadership if we have a progressive attitude,” he said.

Ewon was giving his speech for officiating the closing ceremony for ‘Youth Explosion Race ‘ Programme organized by Taginambur SIB Youth Association (PMM) at Kg. Tamu Darat, which was participated by 100 youths in the 7 kilometres charity marathon.

Ewon, who is also the state Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry Political Secretary, calls for the young generation to be more competitive and take the opportunity to improve themselves.

“The year 2020 is around the corner, but personally I think our young generation still have a long way to build a charismatic personality in order to face future challenges, where the competition be more difficult,” he said.

Regarding on the programme, he said it is important for the youths as it helps in strengthening their cooperation and unity.

‘A progressive and competent youth which is able to work with others and striving for unity is the kind of individual we want for our country,” he added.

Ewon said the community regardless of their religion and ethnicity have the freedom to organize their own programme because the freedom of religion is part of the Federal Constitution, where any religion-based group can launch their own programmes which are beneficial for the country.

“Today’s programme is a proof for what is written in the Federal Constitution. In this matter we are united to preserve the constitution and we will not allow any amendment which threatens our unity with other communities in the country.

“Let us build a democratic and progressive Malaysia, and always hold the basis of its foundation,” he said, adding that he will continue to support the programme in the future.
The annual event will be hosted by Kinabalu Zone SIB PMM next year with its expected venue to be in Kg. Kiau. –SayangSabah


Ewon taking a picture with the winners of the race.

Ewon together with  the participants showing ‘Love and Peace’ sign for Malaysia.


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