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Sayang Sabah - The voice of Sabahans

Youth told to reject criminal activities, social problems

Jalaluddin bersama Ellron (tiga dari kiri) dan Yusof (empat dari kanan) dan Douglas (tiga dari kanan) memotong riben banteng perasmian program itu.
Jalaluddin with Ellron (third left ) and Yusof (fourth right)  Douglas (third right) during the launch 

KENINGAU: Youth must avoid getting involved with criminal activities such as drug abuse, gangsterism, and other illegal conducts.

Sabah Police Commissioner, Dato’ Jalaluddin Bin Abdul Rahman, said the young generation should be aware that they are the nation’s most valuable asset.

Despite the flooding of Western cultures in influencing the youth, he said they must reject unhealthy social problems which are against the norm of life and against the legal system of the country.

“We often see through the media that crimes within the family institution such as rape, premarital sex, murder, fighting, and others are committed due to drug abuse and the collapse of moral values,” he said during officiating the Community Policing themed ‘Polis dan Masyarakat Berpisah Tiada’, here, on Sunday.

He urges the young generation to acquire as much knowledge and learn the teachings of their respective religions as to defend themselves from social problems.

“Learning about religion, regardless of faith is important because no religions in the world would teach its believers to do evil,” he stressed. -SayangSabah



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