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Youth camp retreat for spiritual growth

Left – top to bottom – ( Debora Zaikuirine Mailis, Marcella Lea Nazalus ) Middle – ( Deaconess Lilah Mogirong, Audri Moritz Sipin, Deleovera Dunkin ) Right – ( Pastor Edmund Kumar )


Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday benefits all races in Sabah. For Christian youth in SIB Keliangau church, they spend their quality time with Youth camp retreat. It is organised annually during CNY holiday to   enjoy community living and faith building with Christian spiritual growth.

The three days and two nights retreat was being held in Praise Mountain Kokol (PMK) from Feb 19 until Feb 22 where 35 people from the age 13 years up to 40 years including five assistants joined the retreat.

According to the Youth camp chairwoman, Marcella Lea Nazalus, 23, they received encouraging participation from youth in church.

The Youth camp meeting was held for four times in a few months before the retreat was set in motion, with Praise Mountain Kokol chosen as venue due to its close proximity to Kg. Keliangau.

The guest speakers, Pastor Edmund Kumar and Deaconess Lilah Mogirong were invited to  give motivation talks, faith building; leading questions and answers (Q&A) session during the afternoon and night seminar.

Pastor Edmund Kumar emphasized that there are benefits in joining the Youth camp  and the experience gained by the participants can enrich their life.

“The youth will experience joy and different atmosphere by joining this youth camp.  I hope the youth leaders in SIB Keliangau will share their knowledge with the younger group  in their church. Without youth leaders leading the way, we won’t be able to pursue the continuation of future ministry,” he said.

Meanwhile, motivational speaker and counselor, Deaconess Lilah Mogirong said that the programme provided valuable experience for youths who were not celebrating CNY.

“It is a good programme to be held and joined by many youths. The youth should use their free time with activities that can benefit them instead of being involved with crimes and vandalism during holiday. I hope they will implement everything that they learned in this retreat,” Lilah said.

During the event, the participants started their day with devotion time and attended seminars for the afternoon session, with free times and evening worship for the rest of the day.

They enjoyed various games organized for the Youth camp, and also other activities such as bible study, exercises, stress management, and self-reflection.

A Youth camp committee member, Audri Moritz Sipin shared that the challenging activities and games for the youth were based on online information and his past experience as a retreat camp participant while he was in the Peninsular.

Evana Luis, 18, shared her Youth camp experience as exciting and full of fun activities.

“I learned how to be committed in the ministry and dealing with challenges as today’s youth ,” Evana said.

The Youth camp retreat was also joined by youths from different churches like Deleovera Dunkin, 18, from  Basel and Debora Zaikuirine Mailis, 19,  from SIB Kampung Bundu Apin-apin.

“It has been two years since I participate in this camp. I love the session with  Pst. Edmund because he answered all my questions. I hope I can keep in touch with all the participants,” Deleovera said.

“I didn’t know about this Youth camp and the participants, but now I know all of them. I’m having a great time when I’m here. I felt blessed. It helps me to be strong in Christ,” Debora said.- By Saila Saidie/Sayangsabah

Youthcamp participants Picture by Edward Ebin
Youth camp participants
Picture by Edward Ebin



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