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Women must take part in policy-making

9:29pm 25/11/2015 Raimrod Usop 0 views DUN Reports,Local
Datuk Samsuddin Yahya

Datuk Samsuddin Yahya

KOTA KINABALU: Leaders in the state and federal level are urged to turn their attention on the role of women as policy maker in the country, especially in Sabah.

Datuk Samsudin Yahya (BN-Sekong) proposed that the name of the Ministry of Community Development and Consumer Affairs to be changed to the Ministry of Women, Community Development  and Consumer Affairs.

“I believe that by adding the word ‘women’, the scope and role of the ministry will be expanded, just like any other ministries in the federal government,” he said during the DUN Assembly.

He also suggested for more women to be included in the ministry to handle its increased responsibility.

“Malaysia’s effort to become a high-income nation by the year 2020 cannot be achieved if women are not included as a policy maker and accepted as supporters for the much needed growth for prosperity,” he said. –SayangSabah

Datuk Samsudin Yahya

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