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Wishing Merry Christmas not wrong

Datuk Haji Bungsu @ Aziz Bin Haji Jaafar,
Datuk Haji Bungsu @ Aziz Bin Haji Jaafar,

KENINGAU: There’s no harm in saying Merry Christmas to non-Muslims during Christmas festive season.

Sabah Mufti, Datuk Haji Bungsu @ Aziz Bin Haji Jaafar, said in fact the Muslim community can give their wishes to any non-Muslim community regardless of the type of festival celebrations, but it should not be excessive and disregard religious teachings.

“In my view, give festive wishes for any festival celebration to the non-Muslim communities, but still our belief (akidah) must be preserved,” he said when met by the media after doing tazkirah for the Keningau level Maulidur Rasul celebration at the district community hall, last Saturday.

He explained that the claim made by some Muslims preventing others to give wishes during festive season as alleged in the social media is untrue.

He said communities from various ethnic and religious backgrounds in the state have been respecting each other since time immemorial.

By wishing others, Bungsu said the practice will strengthen the unity between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities. -SayangSabah
Sabah Mufti, Datuk Haji Bungsu @ Aziz Bin Haji Jaafar


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