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Warisan Harta Sdn Bhd pays RM15 million dividend to the state government

On Saturday, the State Government received a dividend payment of RM15 million from Warisan Harta Sabah Sdn Bhd. The presentation ceremony took place at Menara Borneo Housing, Sadong Jaya. In his speech, Musa urged all Government-Link Company (GLCs) to continue to abide by the three key elements of good management: efficiency, accountability and transparency.

“I urge the board and management to keep up the good work, and I congratulate you for your achievements,” he added.

Chief Minister Musa Aman
Chief Minister Musa Aman

Warisan Harta Sabah Sdn Bhd had declared a Final Dividend of 3.69 per cent per share totalling RM15 million gross for its financial year ended 31 December 2012 and a Special Interim Dividend of 13.68 per cent amounting to RM55.56 million gross for the year 2013 to the state government.

Since its establishment on 6 April 1995, Warisan Harta Sabah Sdn Bhd has paid dividends to the state government amounting to a total of RM147,140,111.85 (gross). Datuk Syed Abas Syed Ali, Chairman of Warisan Harta Sabah Sdn Bhd disclosed that the company has maintained its profitability momentum with a higher net profit of RM28.48 million compared to the year 2011.

“Warisan Harta Sabah Sdn Bhd revenue for the year under review rose to RM109.28 million at group level and RM24.47 million for its company level compared to 2011,” he said.

Also present were State Secretary Tan Sri Sukarti Wakiman, Borneo Housing chairman Tan Sri Haji Abdul Aziz Hussein and Board of Directors as well as heads of State and Federal ministries and departments.


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