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Villagers seek help due to severe drought

Current river conditions in Kampung Keliangau
Current river conditions in Kampung Keliangau
River has become shallow and mossy
River has become shallow and mossy

KOTA KINABALU – Severe drought have caused villagers in Kampung Keliangau to turn to  the relevant authorities for help.

Village Security & Development Committee (JKKK) Member, Ayunah Majabin said she hand delivered two letters to Community Development Leaders (CDO) in this month.

“I’m concerned for my villagers’ necessity and I have hand delivered two letters in this month to  Community Development Leaders. I hope will help us,” she said.

She has also asked for tank water supply from the CDO for household chores and consumption  due to the acute water shortage.

“Our river is 98 percent dried-out due to draught-hit and this has caused the villagers gravity pipe become desiccate as perforated pipe in a gravity reservoir field has no supply from the river,”

“It is hard for the villagers to perform their daily chores and feeding consumption.”

According to one of the villagers, Lamihan Mail, 44, who has been living in the village for over 20 years, the river has become shallow and mossy at the same time.

“We cannot do our dishes and laundry at the river as it has become too shallow and mossy.”

“We also need clean water supply for cooking and drinking as we won’t drink from irrigation ditches and streams that contain high rates of harmful micro-organisms.”

“The river used to be so clean and deep, however, things changed and drought has affected us all. Now, we don’t always get water supply from our gravity pipe. Our river is drying out.”

Rainal Lasumin, a member of the Village Development and Security (JKKK) committee of Kampung Keliangau says they have tried to resolve the matter to no avail.

“We have tried many ways to solve this matter and one of the solutions is extending the pipes, however, the condition remains the same until today. The river is drying up.”- By Saila Saidie/Sayangsabah



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