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Villagers clean up canned sardines scattered after accident

8:54pm 09/12/2015 Raimrod Usop 4 views Local
The villagers picking up the canned foodstuff

The villagers picking up the canned foodstuff

RANAU: The accident involving a lorry carrying canned sardines owned by Yu Chang Trading, at Jalan Kg. Nabutan, attracted the attention of  villagers around the vicinity when the lorry’s loads were scattered at the roadside.

Villagers came in droves with their own baskets and containers to help clean up by picking up the canned sardines.

Previously the accident claimed the life of a 13-year-old child and injured two other people.

The child, identified as Sharizan, died at the scene when he was crushed by the vehicle. The identity of the other victims were still unknown.

The lorry owned by Yu Chang Trading was driven by one of the victim before it crashed and overturned. -SayangSabah

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