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UPKO urge for laws on political donation introduced

Ewon Benedict
Ewon Benedict

KOTA BELUD: The suggestion for the creation of laws and regulations for political donations is reasonable since it mirrors a more efficient administration and enable political parties in the country to be transparent.

UPKO Komulakan Chief, Ewon Benedick, said the suggestion for such law that requires political parties to announce their political donation source had been raised before and discussion on the issue has been made but the opposition party especially DAP rejected the idea.

“We all want our country to move forward with an improved administration system and legal policies on political donations must also go forward.

“As UPKO members of young leaders, I support the idea and repeat my stance for supporting the suggestion for this law to be reintroduced,” he said in his statement.

Ewon added that the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has also submitted the proposal to set up regulations for the issue where every political parties are obliged to announce the source of their political funds for transparency.

Ewon who is also Kota Belud UPKO Chief, said the suggestion should include an amendment for the Elections Act which requires all political parties to announce their source and amount of political donations that they receive. – SayangSabah


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