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UMNO must prepare for 14th GE

The Prime Minister of Malaysia
The Prime Minister of Malaysia

IPOH: Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the party must make thorough preparation and planning if it wishes to win the 14th general election.

Najib, who is also Prime Minister, said this was because the political approach that could be accepted by the people at present was no longer rigid politics but new politics.

“But this does not mean the old politics cannot be practised, some politics of development, needed by the people is the core to the old politics that still needs to be implemented by us.

“We must do what needs to be done,” he said when speaking at the closing of the Perak State Umno Convention and simultaneous opening of Umno branches conference 2015 at Indera Mulia Stadium here tonight.

He said the voters’ point of view now was different from those in the past.

“So we must practise new polirics…we cannot assume that if we have given an allocation, the problem is already solved.

“Today if we say the new generation must be thankful to Umno, maybe their reception may not be like before because it seems we are claiming our rights.

“On the contrary, if we tell, if they think rationally, there is no party with better agenda than Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) and this is not due to sentiment but a guaranteed future for the country at the state or national
level,” he said.

He also said Umno needed to adapt itself with the new political environment as currently social media was already regarded as mainstream media and the existing mainstream media such as print media had become second choice.

Umno leaders must avoid from becoming warlords as it would distance the grassroots from the party.

As such he urged them to practise openess and a willingness to go down to the grassroots besides being humble in order to be well accepted and liked.

“I cannot imagine Malaysia without Umno, especially Malays and Muslims. The anwer will make the Malays destitutes in their own country.

Hence he urged Perak Umno members to fully support Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, who is also state Umno Liaison Committee chairman.

Earlier Perak Umno Convention Committee chairman Datuk Saarani Mohamad said 10 resolutions were approved.

Among them are programmes to increase membership and voters, strengthening of party machinery, branch auditing, engaging young voters and loyalty to leaders and Umno’s struggle.- BERNAMA


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