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Two sun bears safely relocated to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Dr. Rosa with JHLS personnel guiding one of the sun bears into a cage.
Dr. Rosa with JHLS personnel guiding one of the sun bears into a cage.

LOK KAWI: Two sun bears previously kept at Tawau Hot Spring Park have been brought to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park (THLLK) for further observation under the supervision of the park’s veterinary officer cum park enforcer, Dr. Rosa Sipangkui.

Dr. Rosa said the operation began 15 January ago at 5.18pm and took about 30 minutes, to load the bears into a cage before being transported by the department’s 4×4 vehicle.

“The journey from Tawau to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park took 8 hours with several checkpoints to ensure the bears are in good condition. The effect of tranquilizer disappeared completely by 9.00pm and we reached THLLK at 2.0am. Overall, the operation went smoothly with no unwanted incident occurred,” she said.

The two bears, she added, are fully grown, with one male and female each. However, one of them is slightly ill, but the other is in top health and deemed as a good candidate for rehabilitation programme and released into the wild.

Sabah Wildlife Department Vice Director, Augustine Tuuga, said despite the delay in taking both bears to THLLK, his department is happy to see both the animals are fully tended by veterinary officer from Sabah WIdlife Department.

“I call for the public to come forward to give information regarding on sun bears or any other wild animals being kept as pets in the state so that we can investigate,” he stressed. –SayangSabah



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