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Tourism Trivia- Bambangan

Bambangan, the fruit
Bambangan, the fruit

Bambangan botanically called Mangifera pajang  is found in many part of Borneo Island. It is an indigenous fruit with brownish skin and yellow colour flesh and grows wild in our jungles.

In Sabah the trees are found every where  including settlements as the people use them as food plants.

The fruits when young are usually peeled and sliced and used as additives to fish dishes as the sourness and the fragrant can nullify the fishy smell of fish.

The pickle
The pickle

When the fruit ripens, the skin is peeled off and the succulent flesh is cut and eaten raw, or with other additives. Sometimes they are sweet and at times they are very sour, depending on the age of the tree.

The older the tree the sweeter the fruit, it seemed, and some old trees may produce smaller fruits but they are sweeter.

When there are too many of these fruits, they are usually made into pickled Bambangan. Some people may call it fermenting, but mostly its kept too short to be ferment. It is then eaten on its own with rice or with salted fish.

This is a homestay programme food product.- Sayangsabah.


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