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Toddler trapped in car

11:34pm 06/01/2016 Ann Vivien 2 views Current Issue,National


KEPALA BATAS: A one-and-half year old boy was trapped in his mother’s car after the vehicle was locked from the inside at a nursery in Bertam Indah here today.

A Penang Civil Defence Department (JPAM) spokesman said in the incident at 7.45 am, the boy’s mother, in her 30s, was sending another child to the nursery and left her youngest child in the car.

“The mother who is a civil servant was sending her five-year-old daughter to the nursery before sending the boy to a nanny.  The woman left her son in the car and gave the car key to the boy to play… and the boy accidentally pressed the lock button on the car remote control,” he said here today.

He said members of the public contacted Kepala Batas JPAM at 8.15 am after failing to open the car and it took JPAM about 15 minutes to open the car door.

The boy’s mother who only wanted to be identified as Siti said she panicked when she could not open the car and sought the help of several parents at the nursery.

“When the car door was opened, my son was crying …maybe it was very hot,” she said. -BERNAMA

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