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The placing of armed officers in Kota Kinabalu police stations

12:34pm 23/05/2016 Nur Syafathin Mohd Yadi 68 views Breaking News,Featured,Local

KOTA KINABALU- The Kota Kinabalu Police will place armed officers to increase the security in all the police station in the district.

According to Chief Police of Kota Kinabalu, Assistant Commissioner M. Chandra, the placing of the armed officers in every station is to raise the security level of the police station.

Moreover, it is also to give a basic training to the officers to act fast on repelling up any possible threats on the safety of the police station and directly to evaluate the level of the discipline  as well as the preparedness of the assigned officers.

“The current safety situation in Kota Kinabalu is under control. However, police will still increase the level of the security by placing armed officers at the police stations,” he said in a statement today.

Besides that, he also advises the public not to be worried by the existence of the armed officers at all the stations in the district

“The people is also advised no to be influenced with the rumors spread in the social media by the irresponsible people because the armed officers security is based on the police station safety instruction,”he said.-SayangSabah

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