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The government concern towards the young generation-Samsudin

SANDAKAN- The government under the leadership of Barisan National (BN) today is a government that is concern towards the progress and development of young generation, said the member of State Assembly (ADUN) of Sekong, Datuk Samsudin Yahya.

According to him, there will be lots of programmes that will be organize to help the youngster to face the future and challenging globalization. He said, the young generation should together appreciate the leadership of BN by continue supporting so that all the efforts planned could be implemented smoothly.

“We do not want the young generation to be labelled as rebellious, just have fun and wasting time on unbeneficial activities.

“On the other side, BN want to see the youth today as mature, smart, independent and able to see beyond the future.

He said it on the Majlis penyampaian Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) at Dewan PPR Batu Sapi, Sandakan yesterday.

“They are the next generation and the nation fort, because of that they need to be load with mental and physical preparations through various programmes whether in entrepreneur, vocational and education,” he said.

Samsudin who is also Head of UMNO Batu Sapi area said that, BN always committed in helping the people, it has been manifested through various aid such as Bantuan Awal Persekolahan, book voucher, shops, 1Malaysia clinic, even the fishermen and farmers received the aid in subsidies form.

“We should be thankful and learn the lesson from the country at war and riot, whereas the people constantly live in fear, compare to harmonious Malaysia.

Respectively, he encourage the audience to reject the opposition, who have been provoking, inciting and slandering in order to create hatred and trying to divide the existing unity all these while.

Also present at the event were the MPS Vice President,Haji Hamsan Hj. Awang Supain, Head of Puteri UMNO Batu Sapi, Hazulizah Md. Dani, Deputy Head of Wanita Batu Sapi, Marlina Mustapha, PPM N. 43 Sekong, Zantapaha Zinal Abidin and the leaders.-SayangSabah


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