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The girls from SK Tohoi did not report to school

Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Tohoi di Gua Musang, Kelantan
Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Tohoi  Gua Musang, Kelantan

GUA MUSANG: Two Orang Asli pupils of Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Tohoi, Norieen Yaakob, 11, and Miksudiar Aluj, 12, who went missing for almost 50 days in the jungles of Tohoi last year, did not report to school today.

Norieen’s mother, Midah Angah, 41, said she had not made any arrangements to transfer her daughter to SK Kuala Betis because she had several matters to discuss with the Kelantan Education Department.

“I hope it’s director (Datuk Ab Aziz Abdullah) can come to Pos Tohoi because residents around Tohoi, not only me, want to discuss several matters with him. Among issues is the security at the school especially hostel, security
guard and several other matters,” she said when met by reporters at Kampung Penad here, today.

Prior to this, Norieen and Miksudiar were reported to have expressed their desire to transfer to SK Kuala Betis because they were still traumatised at the incident in August last year.

Meanwhile, Miksudiar’s mother, Rozita Bahir, 42, said education was very important, but at the same time she wanted a discussion to be held with the State Education Department.

“To date, I have held discussions with the Orang Asli headman, but I hope I can discuss with the State Education Department too, especially regarding the aspect of Miksudiar’s security in school.

“Miksudiar has voiced her desire to return to school, but not at SK Tohoi. She has opted to go to SK Betis,” she said.

In August last year, seven pupils of SK Tohoi ran away from the school’s hostel as they feared punishment from their teacher for taking a dip in the river without permission.

Apart from Miksudiar and Norieen, five other children who went missing were  Ika Ayel, 9; Sasa Sobrie, 8; Haikal Yaakob, 8; Linda Rosli, 8, and Juvina David, 7, all from Kampung Gawin and Kampung Penad.

In a tragic turn of events, after spending 50 days in the jungle, four of the children – Ika, Haikal, Linda and Juvina were found dead while another victim, Sasa Sobrie, has yet to be found.

Miksudiar and Norieen were found alive on the bank of a river in the jungle of Tohoi but were starving and dehydrated.


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