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Teenager stomped on when he refused to repair DVD player

10:46am 09/12/2015 Ann Vivien 3 views Crime & Court,National


KEPALA BATAS:  A teenager was injured when an unemployed man hit him after he refused to fix a DVD player at a house in Kampung Kuala Muda, Penaga near here, Saturday.

A police spokesman said the boy only lodged a police report on the incident yesterday after the 39-year-old man, an acquaintance, threatened to run
over him with a car.

“In the midnight incident, the 15-year-old school leaver was working on fishing nets at a house used as a fishermen’s rest area. The man who lives in Kuala Muda came to the house and ordered the victim to fix a DVD player which was in the living room but the victim refused as he had to finish his work,” he said here today.

The enraged man started to attack the victim with a bamboo stick and kept hitting, slapping and stomping on him, he said, adding that the suspect also threatened to kill the boy.- BERNAMA

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