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Teenage athlete got perfect score in ten-pin bowling


Navern Netaneel Marcellinus is posing with his gold medal. Picture Saila Saidie
Navern Netaneel Marcellinus is posing with his gold medal.
Picture Saila Saidie

KOTA KINABALU – Fifteen-year-old, Navern Netaneel Marcellinus score a perfect game in ten-pin bowling with full score of 300 during the Sabah School Sports Council badminton, aquatic and ten-pin bowling championship tournament, today.

Navern said his full concentration overcame his anxiety had led him to score perfectly in the game.

“I was not afraid and nervous during the game. I gave my all and fully focused while performing. I didn’t let anything distract me,” he added.

He had been training every day before the tournament.

“I’ve been training hard every day of the week. I was alternating between working out one day in a gym and playing bowling on the next day. I never stopped and I’ve been doing it repeatedly,” he said.

He also informed that his mother is his biggest supporter.

“My mom is always there for me. She never missed my games. She is my biggest supporter,” Navern said.

Navern’s mother, 44-year-old Nelly Yadin emphasised that she had always be encouraging and motivated his son in all things that he is doing.

“I’m so happy and touched at the same time. I can’t believe that Navern will able to do that. It’s so perfect and not anyone can actually pull that off,” she informed.

She hoped that Navern would be a Malaysian athlete in future.

“That’s his dream and I’ll always be giving him a continuous support.”

Rusni shared that Navern would be going for Malaysia Games (SUKMA) selection this March. -By Saila Saidie / sayangsabah


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