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Teamwork between agencies crucial in dealing security threats

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TAWAU: Disaster Management Workshop organized by Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM) can become the guideline for Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in handling actual crisis or disaster threats.

Eastern Region Military Commander, Lieutenant General Datuk Mohd. Zaki Mokhtar, said the workshop can be seen as bringing together various agencies under ESSCOM to create team cooperation.

According to Mohd. Zaki, the unity of various security agencies under one team is not an easy task because there are differences in working ethics, professions, and working culture among the agencies.

“However, Ops Daulat Operation during the Kg. Tanduo intrusion has teached us the importance of strong cooperation between agencies to defend peace and the country’s sovereignty,” he told reporters at the workshop closing ceremony, which was launched three days ago on Saturday.

Mohd Zaki also commended the workshop for being a platform or SOP in handling terrorism and armed criminals threats.

“I hope the workshop which provide many guidelines on working ethics as a team and solving many related issues can help in strengthening teamwork between agencies in the future.

“There are no perfect security agencies and their flaws are something that need to be complemented by others to give the best result,” he said, adding that all security agencies have to be prepared for any possible threats.

With the globalized IS militants threats, all agencies need to cooperate in ensuring the militants extremist ideology does not spread in the country, he stressed. – SayangSabah


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