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‘Tamu’ and ‘Cowboy of the East’

8:48pm 18/03/2014 RJ 75 views Places of Interest,Tourism

kota Belud, 75 km northeast of Kota Kinabalu, is famous for its Sunday ‘tamu’ at Jalan Hasbollah. The Bajaus, often called the ‘Sea Gypsies’, a great sailors. Now, very much settled on the land, Bajaus are the famous ‘cowboys of the East’. They are skilful horseman rearing ponies, buffaloes and cattle as well as being productive paddy growers.Horseman from the Bajau, Rungus and KadazanDusun in traditional costumes ride in from around the countryside to trade in a wide array of products. An annual tamu is also held in November with the atmosphere of a carnival, where there are also games and competitions.

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