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Sukau’s development

Datuk Saddu speaking to reporters during the event
Datuk Saddu speaking to reporters during the event

SUKAU: Development is ongoing in this district with hard work from the State Assemblyman and his team.

Datuk Saddu Abdul Rahman said this district  is as big as Johore State with more than 100,000 residents including plantation workers in 250 estates.

However there are several setbacks that have to be resolved including infrastructures.

“One of them is an integrated shopping area where all necessities are found in one area,” he said.

He said they need this integrated shopping complex so that residents and guests do not have to travel to Sandakan or Lahad Datu to shop for daily necessities.

He is therefore very excited and happy that the Sukau township is being incepted, saying this will serve the residents and visitors well.

” We are very well known for being a tourist destination and I believe that the establishment of such a township will be a boon to the people. “

The State Assemblyman who was speaking during the Love Nature/Community/Youth Discussion and presentation of grant to Youth Associations also said Sukau can be a hub for commerce with the implementation of processing plants.

“We have bird nests from the caves here with several tons every harvest. But we collect them and sell them.”

“They are then processed by the buyers and sold back to us. If we processed this ourselves , we will have better income and accord more employment to our Youth.”

He said this also applies to the Oil Palm plantations where tremendous downstream products and activities can result from the sector.

“I therefore believe that we in Sukau can only move forward. With cooperation and teamwork from everyone concerned including stakeholders, we can move towards a well developed thriving district.”-Sayangsabah.


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