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Students to focus on studies

Sapawi handing over the checque
Sapawi presenting the checque

EGYPT: Sabah Foundation Group has allocated RM20 million for scholarships and loans for students to continue their studies in medicine and Islamic studies.

The allocation is for more than 200 students under Sabah Foundation (YS) and they are sent to several universities including in Cairo and Alexandria since 2006 until now.

Sabah Foundation Director, Datuk Sapawi Ahmad, hoped for the students under YS scholarship to focus in their studies and achieve their dreams.

According to him, education development will always be the main agenda of the state government in its effort to produce human capital that can administrate the country in the future.

Education development will never become second in Sabah Foundation agenda. It is the number one agenda,” he said when met after attending a function with Sabah students in Egypt organized by Badan Kebajikan Penuntut Sabah Mesir (BKPSM), for his working visit to Cairo, Egypt, recently.

Sapawi said, the agenda is in accordance with the Chief Minister’s reminder, who is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Sabah Foundation, Datuk Seri Musa Aman, who wants YS to continue its role in Sabah education development.

In a related development, Sapawi said YS has bought a building in Alexandria in 2008 to accommodate the growing number of students from Sabah.

The first building owned by YS was bought in 1997 in Cairo and both have become hostels for students under the foundation’s scholarship, he added.

We realize that there are damages that need repairs, including beds and matresses which need to be replaced. We will give attention to these matters and take immediate actions… This is to ensure the students’ comfort and safety.

Sapawi also said that Sabah Foundation does not neglect the students’ interests and welfare in the country (Egypt) and will give its best effort for them.

According to him, Sabah Foundation’s efforts are to support and encourage the students in focusing for their studies and achieve success.

In that regard, Sapawi hope for the students under Sabah Foundation scholarship to not be influenced by any parties who try to manipulate them.

The students must be alert and careful, not easily believing with what has been spread in the social media.

Certain parties are manipulating the social media such as Facebook, blogs, and many more to influence the students… what have been disseminated are dakyah (propaganda) and must not be easily believed,” he added. – SayangSabah


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