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Students stranded on mountain led down to safety

4:52pm 18/01/2016 Ann Vivien 0 views Current Issue,National


BAU:  Three polytechnic students who were stranded on Gunung Brik near Kampung Tringgus here were promptly led down to safety by a rescue team early today.

A Bau Fire and Rescue station spokesman said 57 others besides the trio who had trekked up the mountain on Sunday had earlier descended to the foothill at Kampung Teringgus safely.

He said the search and rescue operation involving five firefighters, two climbers, five Civil Defence Department personnel, and villagers managed to locate the three students at 12.30 am.

The rescue team found one of the students, Athanasius Petrus, an Iban aged 19, in a weak state, he said.

He said the youths were brought down at 12.50 am and arrived at Kampung Teringgus at 4.30 am to waiting hospital personnel.- BERNAMA

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