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Straight A UPSR wants to be an actress


KUCHING: Straight A’s scorer in the Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) Alicia Kok aims to be an actress when she finishes her study.

“I will continue to study hard and get good results to enter university but my ambition is to be an actress, I just love acting,” said Alice who is of mixed Chinese-Bidayuh parentage from SK St Teresa (M) Kuching.

Saying that she felt very happy and proud with her achievements, Alicia thanked her parents, teachers especially and her friends for their support and help in preparing for her examination.

“What motivates me to do well in the examination is because I want to make my parents proud,” she said, adding that she attended tuition classes for her bahasa Melayu and mathematics subjects.

Meanwhile, Yek Liang Bing, despite never attending tuition classes, has scored 7A’s in all subjects.

“I prefer doing my own revision at home and manage my own roster between revision and sports,” said Yek who likes playing badminton and swimming.

Yek admitted that he was nervous when waiting for his results for the past few days, adding that he did not expect to score 7A’s.

“I will continue to study hard because I want to achieve my dreams to become a scientist,” he said.

Another 5A’s scorer Adriana Syahmina Karim Mohamad Faud from SK (A) Datuk Haji Abdul Kadir Hassan Kuching also said one of her success tips was paying attention in class and understanding what her teachers taught.- BERNAMA


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