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Star City open house to welcome goat year



Lion dance performance in Star City mall
Lion dance performance in Star City mall


KOTA KINABALU –A Chinese New Year (CNY) open house was held in Star City shopping mall to usher in the goat year, today.

The CNY open house was organised to welcome the goat year’s fortune in the building.

It was attended by many customers who went shopping in the mall during that time.

According to the general manager of Star City, Vincent Ng, the CNY open house in the mall is organised every year to usher in good fortune for the business owners in the Star City building.

“We choose this day to invite good fortune into this building in conjunction with the year of the goat and we hope that we will have more luck as compared to last year.”

Chong Hua Cultural dancers performed the Lion Dance who danced at every corner of the shop.

“Lion dance must be performed in front of the shops, so that, the owners are well-blessed and successful in their business.”

He also distributed red envelope “ang pow” to the customers in the mall while performers entertained the audience.

One of the Star City employees, Robert Chung shared that his employers had contributed a lot to the establishment.

“I am so happy to be here today. My employers are the best leader ever. They have been treating us well and we don’t lack of anything. They always give their best to us and also to the shop owner in this building.”- By Saila Saidie/Sayangsabah



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