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SSKM causes harm to unity

Bobby during the welcoming ceremony
Bobby during the welcoming ceremony

NABAWAN: The communities are reminded not to be influenced by seditious calls by a group calling themselves Sabah Sarawak Keluar Malaysia (SSKM), through their seditious activities in social media.

Sabah Assistant Minister of Infrastructure Development, Datuk Bobbey Suan, said the SSKM group is only causing harm to the unity of the communities in the country which has been established since time immemorial.

SSKM is the work of individual with personal interests; it is not for the people. We can say that they are bored with peace and harmony that the communities of various ethnicities enjoyed, especially in Sabah,” he said when launching the Komuniti Rukun Tetangga (KRT) Kg. Sarikan, here today.

Bobbey said, Sabah people must be grateful because the Federal government did not forget the necessities needed by the communities in the state, which is proven by the various development programmes meant for the people to eradicate poverty.

Bobbey reminded the people not to be influenced by seditions remarks from the group SSKM because their intention is for their own personal interests and political agenda. – SayangSabah


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