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Solidify unity among BN component parties.- Yahya

Datuk Yahya Hussin
Datuk Yahya Hussin

KOTA KINABALU:  Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties especially UMNO are reminded not perceive the squabble between DAP and Pas on hudud as a possibility for the opposition break-up.

Deputy Chief Minister, Datuk Yahya Hussin, said BN should instead take the opportunity to solidify unity among BN component parties.

“DAP has been disagreeing with Pas over the hudud issue for a long time, but they always remain together for the general election,” he said to the media after officiating Kg. Ulu Seberang Transformation programme, in Putatan.

He was responding on DAP warning which wants Pas to leave PR is the party still wants to push for hudud law in Kelantan.

Yahya also questions the opposition for wanting to takeover the federal government, since their ideologies clearly differ from each other.

“How can they (PR) become a good government for the people when they are not aligned, when Pas wants hudud and DAP with PKR have their own agenda?” he added.

According to him, BN has long have its component parties to reach consensus for every issues either it is related to parties or the government.

The people need to consider the issue an opportunity for them to choose what kind of leaders are best for them, he said. – SayangSabah


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