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SMK Telupid hostel gets new beds

7:39pm 31/01/2016 Ann Vivien 1 views Education,Local
Datuk Ronald Kiandee

Datuk Ronald Kiandee

TELUPID:  Pupils at the hostel at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Telupid will be able to sleep more comfortably now on new beds, contributed by the Beluran parliamentary office.

Beluran member of parliament Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee duly acted on a facebook posting early this month which went viral showing the pathetic condition that pupils there had to put up with, to acquire from his constituency’s funds, 200 units of new beds, mattresses and pillows.

He said the hostel furniture including cupboards and beddings in the hostel were old and worn and mostly more than 10 years old.

A report from the school also showed some of the items to be about 30 years old without being replaced, he told reporters when met after the handing over of the new items at SMK Telupid here today.

“The school had repeatedly sent applications to the Education Ministry through the Sabah Education Department for funds to replace the hostel furniture but there had been no action,” he said.

Nevertheless, he said, assistance and contributions from companies and individuals around Beluran had made some difference although the hostel was still in a sorry state.

Ronald who is also Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker approved a RM20,000 allocation to repaint the hostel and make it a more cheerful environment for the pupils.

Meanwhile, SMK Telupid headmaster Rukimin Sulit expressed his appreciation for the contributions which had eased the shabby hostel conditions that the 355 pupils had to bear.

He said the hostel has a capacity of 480 pupils if fully furnished.- BERNAMA

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