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The youths need to showecase their sports talent-Samsudin

SANDAKAN- The young people that interested as well as talented in sports need to showcase their talents to the maximum extend said the Representative of Sekong, Datuk Samsudin Yahya.

He said the government has set a direction, giving attention and emphasised on the development in the field in order to produce more excellent athlete that could represent the state and the nation.

“Sports is a development field that be given attention because it is not only could enhance the image of state and the nation, it also open the opportunities to the people for a guaranteed future.

“Sports cannot be taken as unimportant instead it is an industry that could generate income especially to the young people, “he said.

He said it during the closing of 9 Aside football championship, organized by Sandakan Prison at Sandakan Prison Field, recently.

Also present were Zantapha Zainal Abidin, PPM Sekong, Jaafar Jakaria, Member of MPS Councils, Umno Batu Sapi committee branch.

Samsudin said the youngsters need to grab the opportunities to stand out as talented athlete and capable to create a success not only in the state and nation but up to the international level.

Therefore, they must learn to make sports as career that could guaranteed their future because there were a lot of people in the country as well as the world have proven their success.

“I hope the youths could accept the challenge and make an early decision whether or not take the sports as permanent career by proving their excellent performance in every championship participated.

“The government will not let their excellent talent to be wasted instead support and help given to ensure that their fate and future guaranteed because they are the assets of this state, “he said.

Samsudin added the government will continue to emphasize on sports sector because it is important for the development of the country.

According to him, sports could be used to strengthen the bond among the multiracial people and the age difference as well as social background.

“The steps not only to make Malaysia as a sport country that won a lot of medals in the international level but also to enable interaction among the people to occur without barrier, “he said.

74 teams participated in the championship whereas the Maqbull FC have won the cup and RM1,000 cash, meanwhile Andatu Team received trophy and RM800 cash as first runner-up, in the final that occurred at Sandakan Prison.-SayangSabah.


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