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Signs of imminent death before drowning


BATU PAHAT:  The father of two brothers who drowned in the capsized raft tragedy in Sungai Bekok near Yong Peng here yesterday, was unaware their recent behavior in seeking attention from him was a sign of their imminent death.

Nas Izaha Nasri, 27, said Muhammad Iman Naqiudin, two, and Muhammad Ikhwan Nasaruddin, 10 months, often waited at the front door to greet him upon his return from work in the past two weeks.

It was a gesture which they had rarely shown their father.

“When this (the tragedy) occurred, I reflected upon this and realised that their seeking of attention was different (from before), which made me feel very aggrieved” he said.

Nas Izaha, a lance corporal at the Kajang police headquarters in Selangor, was speaking to reporters at the Kangkar Baharu Muslim Cemetery in Yong Peng here today.

According to the policeman, he was at work when he received news of the tragedy about 3.30pm, from his brother-in-law, Ali Abdul Raman Hairaddin, 28, who was one of the survivors of the incident.

“My brother-in-law (Ali Abdul Raman) called and told me the children had drowned…(the bodies of) Iman and Ikhwan were in the hospital,” he said, describing his moment of panic.

Nas Izaha said he initially was unable to drive the car to return to Yong Peng. However, he gathered courage and accompanied by his mother, reached Hospital Sultanah Nora Ismail (HSNI) here about 8 last night.

He said the last time he saw his two sons was on Wednesday when they, along with his wife, Siti Farahida Hairaddin, 26, returned to Yong Peng with Ali Abdul Raman.

Nas Izaha said his wife was still in a state of trauma as, she was still reeling in shock over the tragedy.

He said Siti Farahida had told him the incident happened so quickly, and that she failed to rescue both their children because all 10 of the family members on board the raft were separated after it capsized.

In the incident which occurred about 3pm yesterday, the raft capsized as the 10 members of the family were enroute to visit a goat farm belonging to Ali Abdul Raman’s father, Hairaddin Masran.

The bodies of Muhammad Iman Naqiudin and Muhammad Ikhwan Nasaruddin were found shortly after the incident, while their grandmother, Lana Ismail, 55, and uncle, Mohd Aiman Arif, 10, were still missing.

The body of Mohd Aiman Arif was later discovered by the fire and rescue department personnel, about two metres from the scene of the raft capsize about 8.40 last night, while Lana’s body was found washed up on the banks of the river
under the bridge, at 8.15 this morning.

The remains of all the four were buried in a single grave at 3.20pm today. Besides Siti Farahida and Ali Abdul Raman, the victims who survived were Hairaddin, 58, Nor Diana Alisa Hairaddin , 31, Junaidah Yang, 28, and Muhamad An-naqi Ali Abdul Raman, two.

Nor Diana Alisa, however, has been warded at the HSNI intensive care unit.- BERNAMA


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