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Siemens preserve the environment for future generations

Siemens Malaysia President and Chief Executive Officer Prakash Chandran  (Centre) and Dato Joe Chong, Founder of  Community Recycle for Charity (CRC) (3rd from left) launches the Siemens 3R  Campaign together with other Siemens  employees.
Siemens Malaysia President and Chief Executive Officer Prakash Chandran (Centre) and Dato Joe Chong, Founder of Community Recycle for Charity (CRC) (3rd from left) launches the Siemens 3R
Campaign together with other Siemens employees.

KOTA KINABALU: Siemens has announced that it aims to be the world’s first major industrial company to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint by the year 2030. Worldwide, the technology giant plans to cut carbon dioxide emissions – which currently totals about 2.2 million metric tons a year – by half, when the year 2020 comes around; and to achieve these goals, Siemens will be investing some €100 million over the next three years in order to reduce the energy footprint of its production facilities and buildings. The company has long had a reputation for taking their

A statement released by the establishment stated that , Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability activities is asking its own employees to look more closely at the wastes that they produce.

Following the worldwide announcement, Siemens Malaysia has teamed up with local recycling management company, Community Recycle for Charity (CRC), to set up an employee campaign to raise awareness and understanding of recycling amongst its staff. The “3R- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” campaign, which was launched recently at the Siemens Headquarters building in Petaling Jaya, aims to not only promote employee participation but it also hopes to encourage employees to adopt the recycling habit into their everyday lives.

Recycling bins have been placed in and around the company’s premises and proceeds from the recycling campaign will be channeled towards purchasing and donating recycling bins to selected schools nationwide as part of the companies’ bigger plans of creating awareness amongst the younger generation.

Prakash Chandran, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Malaysia, said, “We all have a role to play in respecting and caring for our environment, not just to preserve what we have today, but also for sustaining it for succeeding generations. We need to act without delay today, for a better tomorrow. Simple things like reducing, re-using or recycling your waste all adds up and every single act counts. A good environment is a nature’s gift to all of us in the community, and, as beneficiaries; we have a duty to take care of it for ourselves and for our children.”

As an industrial manufacturing company that makes everything from automation systems and gas turbines to high-speed trains and X-ray machines, the company understands that all corporations have a responsibility to address the causes of climate change.

“The Prime Minister of Malaysia has recently reiterated Malaysia’s commitment towards reducing its carbon intensity of its Gross Domestic Products (GDP) by 40% by the year 2020, compared to its 2005 levels. I am confident that carbon reductions from Siemens’ technologies and products installed here in Malaysia will substantially contribute to this commitment and will bring Malaysia closer to the 2020 carbon abatement target,” Prakash Chandran stated.


Siemens have already implemented many energy-efficient and low-carbon solutions in recent years and have seen impressive results. Worldwide, their technologies have helped customers reduce CO2 emissions and have increased their competitiveness with energy savings. In fiscal 2014, the company’s Environmental Portfolio, which bundles the company’s technologies in the area of energy efficiency and CO2 reduction, generated sales of €33 Billion, or 46% of Siemens’ total revenue. Solutions from Siemens enabled customers to reduce their CO2 emissions by 428 million metric tons.

Locally, Siemens’ environmental portfolio includes the highly-efficient gas turbines installed a  the Prai Combined Cycle Power Plant in Penang and the planned installation of the gas turbines at the Pengerang Cogeneration Plant in Johor. Compared to the solutions currently installed in combined-cycle power plants, the Siemens gas turbines consumes one-third less natural gas per generated kilowatt-hour and emits one-third less CO 2.

“As energy consumption continues to increase, efficient power generation will be a vital component of reliable, eco-friendly energy systems. When operating efficiency is boosted with proven technology, power plants will make significant impacts in reducing CO2 emissions,” Prakash Chandran added.

Also included under the environmental portfolio are the 58 four-car MRT trains that Siemens will be supplying as part of the country’s MRT Line 1 project. Made from 98% of recyclable materials, the train will include a lightweight aluminium car structure, demand-controlled air conditioning and a weight-optimized chassis, all of which is expected to reduce overall energy consumption.

Siemens Malaysia’s future plans include building on progress that has already been made in making their operations more sustainable by reducing the consumption of paper, water and energy; as well as continuing to implement and introduce initiatives that will help to contribute to a better planet for future generations.-Sayangsabah


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