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Sibling of murder victim wants severe penalty for perps


TAPAH,: “What they (suspects) did is no different from animals, our family will never forgive them and we hope a severe penalty awaits them.”

Those are the words of Ng Chee Meng @ Kurunadan, 47, the brother of one of the victims believed murdered by the family of four in a heavy vehicle workshop in Jalan Pahang here.

He said the last time he met his younger brother, who worked at the workshop was around August and September three years ago at a restaurant here.
“I believe the suspects had carefully planned the murders. I want the heaviest punishment for them.  They acted like animals. Animals that couldn’t think. Humans wouldn’t do things like that. Humans know what is right and wrong,” he said when met by reporters at the scene here today.

Ng said his younger brother had once told him that one of the suspects had borrowed RM2,000 from him but refused to pay him back.

“What hurts me most was when the suspect contacted us, purportedly to show concern after my brother went missing and did not come to work.

Meanwhile, the victim’s youngest sister, Ng Uma Devi, 36, said they could not accept what the incident as fate. They betrayed, tortured and killed our family member. We want them to be punished accordingly,” she said.- BERNAMA


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