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Shopping online: Are we ready

 First row – left to right Elly Loretta, Siti, Yvonne, Edward Ebin, Yehezkiel  Second row- Ricky, Nuzir, Akkas, Siti, Sairye Third row – Osbert, Siti Akirul, Mohd Rizman, Jimmy

Top – left to right Elly Loretta, Siti, Yvonne, Edward Ebin, Yehezkiel
Second row- Ricky, Nuzir, Akkas, Siti, Sairye
Third row – Osbert, Siti Akirul, Mohd Rizman, Jimmy

Internet and technology have become a vital part in our daily life where we are connected with the world all the time. This development has grown steadily until online shopping is now available. In Sabah, the number of internet users have increased as well as online shoppers.

However, not all Sabahans are exposed to the online shopping system as they are either computer illiterate or don’t put much value on online shopping.

Akkas bin Pate, a-52-year old taxi driver in Kota Kinabalu who says he never learned how to use the computer is an example.

Osbert Francis Sianggol,who works at Parkson as a promoter believes shopping online is for ladies and he is not really interested in making online purchases.

Selling online is quite popular with many people, however,  as it seems to be a market that transcends political, racial and religious border, akin to a vast international market.

” I have gained profit from selling back the items which I bought online. Online items are cheaper compared to the items in shopping mall,” shares Siti Akirul Amelia bin Arisadi, a 21-year-old secretary student from Cosmopoint.

Her friend, Siti Zulaiha Jahirun, a 22-year-old business student from Cosmopoint agrees saying shopping allows her to browse through items not available locally.

“I have never been cheated when ordering something online and I love it. I bought many items such as dresses, watch and monopod. Most of the items are hard to find in Sabah.”

Edward Ebin, a 35-year-old teacher in SMK Pulau Gaya, agrees saying that he has shopped for many expensive items online, including his  GoPro Camera.

Jimmy Tan,30, Mohd. Rizman,28, Nuzir, 28 and Ricky Andreano, 24, who work in  Kota Kinabalu all agree that, Online shopping is really convenient and save a lot of time. Other than that, online shopping can save a lot of money.

Yvonne Yong, 25, an assistant quantity surveyor says, “ I am a voracious online shopper. I buy a lot of items via the internet and by doing this I save a lot of money on fuel, parking and even my energy.”

As online shopping becomes common, the number of online scam and fraud  increases. This is why many Sabahans are not buying items on the internet, according to Yehezkiel Dungol,25, a supervisor in Parkson.

“I never shop online. It will be a waste of money and I’d rather buy things from the mall than  be cheated.”

Sairye Saidi, 22, who works in the State Capital agrees with him saying she doesn’t trust online shopping, either.

The main disadvantage of online shopping may well be the fact that buyers don’t get their purchases immediately.

Hanystevtessia Stephen, a 25-year-old teacher says it’s frustrating to wait too long..

“I never buy things online due to long waiting time. It is faster to buy from the shopping mall,” Mohd Hanafi, a 20-year-old, sales assistant opines.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of online shopping, so consumers are advised to scrutinise the website concerned before making their purchases.

As Elly Lorreta Sipin, a 25-year-old medical student shares,  “It depends on the website.”

It seems that while some are enjoying the comfort that internet services accord,  many are still unsure about shopping online.-By Saila Saidie/Sayangsabah


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