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Sewing can generate income

Toh Puan presenting as ourvenir to one of the contributre to the big bag while Apple looks on
Toh Puan (middle) presenting a memento to one of the contributor to the big bag while Fully Chye Geot Lee (left)  looks on- Photo Jimmy Tan/Sayangsabah

KOTA KINABALU: Talents among women such as sewing can help them to generate income for their family and augment the family coffer.

The  Head of State Consort Toh Puan Norlidah  Datuk RM Jasni said this showed that  women played a great role in the family not only as a homemaker but also a contributor to the home coffer.

Speaking when launching the ‘big bag’ exhibition here today she said the crafting of such an item that made it into the World Record showed that their contribution to the community was tremendous.

Through the crafting of this giant bag, she said, the community at large could appreciate  of how talents such as sewing could ensure that women stand on  a platform and recognised through their efforts.

“I believe sewing can earn them up to RM4000 a month and this in turn can enable them to support their children and ensure they will get a good education,” she said.

The launching of the the biggest bag exhibition was held at the same time with the 3k women award at the Suria Shopping Complex today.-Sayangsabah. -Sayangsabah



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