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“Seek and stop” – 1Malaysia clinics

1Malaysia clinics at Kepayan. -Picture by Ille Tugimin
1Malaysia clinics at Kepayan. -Picture by Ille Tugimin

KOTA KINABALU – Many people prefer to use 1Malaysia clinics these days due to the affordable healthcare services provided.

For Leonidas Nasun,32, a government officer said that the rising cost of medical treatment at private clinics was a burden and 1Malaysia clinics provide a good alternative.

“It’s cheap and anyone can afford it. The services is the same standard as at government hospitals,” he said to SayangSabah reporter.

A housewife, Zaiton Amir, 26, said she was a regular at 1Malaysia clinics because of its cheap medication and consultation costs.

“You only have to pay RM1 for the services in comparison to private clinics; it is way more cheaper,” she said.

The 1Malaysia clinics was launched in 2010 to provide basic medical care for the public especially those living in the rural area.

According to the statistics from the Ministry of Health (MOH), there were an increased of people using the healthcare services from 1.32 million in 2010 to 4.4 million in 2013. Despite the number, some patients stopped going as the treatment in the clinics did not meet their expectations.

Rina Charleena, 31, a hotel worker in Kota Kinabalu said  she rather see a doctor who prescribe medication than an Assistant Medical Officer (AMO).

“It did not meet my expectations. The AMO only gave me paracetamol for my sore throat.

“It is a waste of time for me to go there. I had to go to a private clinic after that and I was prescribed antibiotics,” she told SayangSabah.

Boutique owner, Farahiyah Ramlan, 29, recalled how she and her husband were given the same medicine for differenct sickness.

“I was down with flu and my husband was suffering a bad cough but the AMO gave us the same medicine.

“The medicine did not work and I had to go to a government hospitals couple days after that,” she said.

There are now nine 1Malaysia clinics operating in Kota Kinabalu city. These including Kepayan, Tanjung Aru Plaza, Kampung Likas, Darau, Sulaman Sentral, Taman Putera Jaya and the Urban Transformation Centre and  two more clinics at  Polytechnic Commercial Centre, Sepanggar and Taman Canggih, Inanam.

The clinics open from 9 am to 9 pm, including public holidays and weekends, and charge RM1 per patient. – By Fizah Yusof/SayangSabah


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