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Seek advice for sports organization

A poem recital during the event

KOTA KINABALU: Sports organizations in the state are reminded to follow their organization’s rules and the sports development enactments that are regulated by the government, as well as to seek advise from the nearby Sports Commission office to ensure that their mission and vision can be achieved.

Sabah Sports Comissioner, Apui Jan, said they will monitor every registered sports organization and give assistance based on their needs.

“Organizations need to be handled systematically to ensure all plannings are implemented smoothly,” he said during the Raya celebration by ACKK Angler.

He also said the effort by ACKK Angler to organize the event gives the picture that sports organizations have a social responsibility in helping the community.

Meanwhile, ACKK Angler’s patron, Mohd Sazuandi Saarani, also express his appreciation for the state sports commission office for its help and services.

“We are thankful because this organization has been approved by the sports commission office in 13 May. As a new group, ACKK Angler is always in need for assistance and guidance from sports commissioners and the ministry as well,” he said.

Sazuandi added that the organization was set up to promote fishing activities by providing cheap packages and diving activities facilitated by certified trainers for water sports lovers.

“The organization hopes that fishing and diving activities will be a popular sports in the state,” he said. – SayangSabah


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