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SAMORA to hold its own festival

Dato Jelani Hamdan (middle) with his committee members
Dato Jelani Hamdan (4th right) with his committee members

KOTA KINABALU: A Rungus festival Magahau will be held in Matunggong on June 1.

The event organised by the Rungus Momogun Association (SAMORA) will he held for one month in various Rungus populated area in the State, its president Dato’ Jelani Hamdan said.

According to him, the festival has been listed on the Sabah Tourism Calender of event and as such the festival will be showcasing ancient traditional celebrations by the tribe.

He said the venue being at Matunggong will ensure that visitors are able to enjoy the traditional and cultural ambiance of the festival as they will be able to visit or stay in the longhouses available at the vicinity.

“We are also quite close to Kudat and I believe the hotel accommodation are sufficient. The homestay here will also be able to help accommodate our guests,” Jelani said.

The Misompuru Homestay in Kudat includes several villages where they offer their guests accommodations and also a glimpse of the people’s lifestyle.

On the Magahau ritual, he said there are still many elderly people who are well versed with the rituals and as such presentations will be authentically Rungus.

“We will also have our own beauty pageant, called Gimpuhut. This means the girl is so beautiful, the house will collapse due to the number of her admirers.”

Part of the Rungus traditional costume
Part of the Rungus traditional costume

“With this pageant we will be able to ensure that our identity through our costumes are left intact for generations to come, while ensuring that the costume does not get stylised through the wish to outshine others,” he stated.

Jelani expressed his hope that the Rungus people will come together to celebrate this occasion to show their support as well as to view their own traditional festival.

The festival will be headed by Stephen Nogiris Sabala.-Sayangsabah



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