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Safety aspect at Pagalungan needs improvement

9:33pm 02/11/2015 Raimrod Usop 15 views Current Issue,Local
Caption: Ibrahim receiving a memorabilia from SK Logongon Headmaster, Anis Pangias.

Ibrahim receiving a memento from SK Logongon Headmaster, Anis Pangias.

NABAWAN: The level of safety aspect for the Sub-District Pagalungan, which is 100km away from Nabawan township and in close proximity with Indonesia-Malaysia border, needs further improvement.

Malaysia BTN Chief Director, Datuk Ibrahim Saad, said the move is important to prevent smuggling activities and intrusion by illegal immigrants which can threaten the  safety of local communities and the country in general.

He was speaking to the media after officiating the Jejak Kalawon Programme themed ‘Jauh Dimata, Dekat DIhati’ held by BTN Sabah at Kg. Logongon Cultural Hal, in Pagalungan Sub-District.

He said this is due to the local residents here still relying on boat transportation to reach the nearest town for their necessities and other activities.

Meanwhile, Pagalungan Native Chief, Philip Antugi, 55, said he hopes enforcement on boat owners and passengers along the river to be improved, as well as the monitoring operation on the Malaysia-Indonesia borders in order to prevent illegal activities from taking place. –SayangSabah


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