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Sacrificing for a son’s future



JOHOR BAHARU:  A mother was willing to be separated from her blind son to ensure her only child could be independent in future.

Nor Aslim Abdul Malik, 26, of Melaka said, although it was tough for her to leave her son, Muhammad Ridzuan Abdulah, she wanted him to learn to be independent and successful in future.

Muhammad Ridzuan, 7, had just registered himself at the hostel of Sekolah Kebangsaan Pendidikan Khas Princess Elizabeth, here, today.

“For the sake of his future, I agreed to send him here, for his own good in the times to come, despite a heavy heart,” she said while wiping tears when met by reporters after her son’s registration to enter the school.

“Muhammad Ridzuan was very happy when he found out he would be studying here (Special Education) knowing he would be meeting friends who are like him,” said the housewife who is staying in Pasir Gudang.

Muhammad Ridzuan, who was blind from birth, was initially happy and in high spirit, but turned restless and sad upon finding out his mother would not be with him during his schooling as he would be staying in the hostel.

Narrating about his son’s character, Nor Aslim said her son is a cheerful and active person just like other children, likes cycling and singing and has  ambitions to be a policeman or a soldier.

“I am not worried he is schooling here as I am confident he will have many friends while all the school teachers are good,” she said, adding that her son’s pre-school teachers had suggested that Muhammad Ridzuan be sent to the school.

She had also prepared her son’s requirements a month earlier as she was happy that her son had been accepted at the school.

To ease his pining for her, Nor Aslim said she would leave an item of her clothing with him and would visit him weekly.

Earlier, State Education, Information, Entrepreneurship Development and Cooperative Committee chairman Md Jais Sarday, who visited the school, also gave words of encouragement to Mohammad Ridzuan who was crying for his mother.


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