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Sabah Tradisional Recipe : Amplang

10:39pm 19/03/2014 Mrs. Kay 192 views Uncategorized

Keropok amplang (amplang cracker) which is especially famous in Tawau, is made from Spanish mackerel mixed with tapioca flour and selected spices to bring out a distinctive delicious taste. Amplang cracker is formed round and fried until crispu before packed in plastic. Amplang cracker is simply crispy and is suitable to be taken as a snack anywhere and anytime throughout the day.


300gm wolf-herring
280gm tapioca flour
20g flour
1 egg
30ml cooking oil
salt and sugar to taste


Boil the fish and take out its content.
Then, mix the take-out content with the egg and cooking oil. Mix well.
Then, add flour, tapioca flour, salt and sugar.
Knead to form a dough. After that, form into small balls and fry.

Time cooked : 45mins

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