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Sabah is “heaven” for Filmmakers

Sabah very own Filmmakers; Moses Wong (left) and Katak Chua (right). - SayangSabah (Photo courtesy of both filmmakers)
Sabah very own Filmmakers; Moses Wong (left) and Katak Chua (right). – SayangSabah (Photo courtesy of both filmmakers)

KOTA KINABALU –Sabah abounds with picturesque landscapes and sights with its amazing natural resources.

For filmmakers and the creative industry Sabah it is a treasure trove of sights and sites that can be tapped.

“We don’t have limitation when it comes to film making  in Sabah. The potential of film making is really huge in Sabah. Its just nobody is exploring this avenue yet,” said Chua Soon Min Sabah very own filmmaker.

Chua or better known as Katak Chua believe that the creative industry  in Sabah can go further with the right exposure and help from the government among others.

“Because we are still new, we need people who can guide us. We need expertise from Peninsular to come down to Sabah and share their knowledge. I think that would be the first steps for improvement,” he said.

This was reiterated by his fellow filmmaker friends, Moses Wong who shared that local filmmakers have been trying to bring this creative industry especially film making to the next level.

“We want to be known and attract more people to join the film industry. We even try to attract filmmakers from outside to come to Sabah and do their film here,” he said.

Moses shared that local filmmakers encounter setback as they do not have the platform to leverage their creativity.

“It is difficult for the creative industry to flourish when we don’t have the avenue to do so. If you ask me I don’t even know; we are under which ministry? Is it the tourism, culture or the information technology? So we are a bit lost,” he said.

However, Moses stated that recently the Ministry of Resource Development and Information Technology (MORDIT) has started to pay attention on the creative industry.

“We are lucky that MORDIT start noticing us. Now we are planning to have a dialogue session with the Ministry to discuss more on the future of our local film industry,” he said. – By FizahYusof/SayangSabah


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