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Rungus Heritage

8:05pm 16/03/2014 RJ 17 views Cultural Heritage,Tourism

The Rungus, a sub-tribe of the Kadazandusun indigenous group, is the main ethnic group living in the Kudat division. They live in their traditional thatched longhouse on stilts. For each family unit, there is a sleeping area, a dining area, an attic, a corridor and the living area. The entrance stairway is made of a small tree trunk with notches, leading to the main longhouse communal living area. Floors are made from small, split tree trunks tightened and held together by rattan and bark strips. The roof is made of leaves, the walls from tree bark. Only trees that bring good luck are used. Evenings are festive as gongs are played and villagers dress up in their traditional black costume with elaborate, colourful beads.

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