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ROS urged to investigate Pekida

Datu Akjan showing the papers
Datu Akjan showing the papers

KOTA KINABALU: Registrar of Society (ROS) is urged to put temporary suspension and investigate all activities and programmes carried out by the Organization of Islamic Welfare and Dakwah of Malaysia (Pekida) which is alleged to have diverted from its purpose.

Sabah Pekida Liaison Committee Chairman, Datu Akjan Datu Ali Muhammad, said the organization’s current central committee list is unlawful since it is against the organization’s constitution.

He said the amendment draft for Pekida Constitution has been modified to give outright power to its President without needing the approval from the Central Committee.

“Pekida President has abused his power and went against the organization’s constitution by sacking all state chairmen and appoint new individuals for the posts without referring to the Central Committee,” he said in a press conference today.

He also claims the President has secretly set up another organization with the name Majlis Abang Negeri which can cause division among Pekida members.

“It is not impossible that worst thing can happen including quarrels between the members of Majlis Abang Negeri and state Pekida,” he said.

In this matter, he calls for ROS to suspend Pekida’s registration until the investigation on the abuse of financial fund and power in Pekida is completed by the relevant agencies.

“To put Pekida back to its true cause, I do not mind if my (Pekida) membership is revoked,” he said, adding that a police report about the abuse has also been made. – SayangSabah


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