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River Safari (Sapulut)

12:49am 20/03/2014 RJ 27 views Activities,Tourism

The most adventurous destination is to Sapulut, 170 km away. Here, one can take river cruises to traditional longhouse communities in the interior. There are three such settlements about one hour’s boat ride away; namely, Kampung Pagalongan (Pagalongan Village), Pensiangan and Kampung Silungai (Pensiangan and Silungai Village)) with a 120-metre long longhouse. The most popular trip from Sapulut is to Batu Punggal, taking a three-hour boat trip up the Sapulut River. The Tinahas Caves near Batu Punggal houses thousands of bath and swifts. Accommodation can be at the Batu Punggal Resort or at a Murut longhouse. An evening of traditional feast can also be arranged.

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