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Rituals for peace

The ritual
The ritual

RANAU: On Friday a monolob-monogit  ritual started at  Kiram Mosilau Resort, Kundasang, performed by the Bobolians of Dusun Tindal ethnic group from Kg. Bangkahak Kota Belud.

The rituals which were supposedly carried out for three days was held to ‘communicate’ with the guardians of Mount Kinabalu, the ’Aki’ and ‘Odu’ of Nabalu, and seek for forgiveness and safety for the villagers from natural disasters.

Leading the rituals was Tindarama Amann Sirom Simbuna OT Tarantap, aged 62, from Kg. Bangkahak Kota Belud, assisted by six of his companions in initiating the Momurinait and Momulangga ceremonies.

Following suit were the rituals for ‘Monolob do Narangkai, ‘Polubuk do Onom Manuk’, ‘Polubuk do Iso Kambing’, and ‘Korindawanan Tindarama Tantagas’, where one goat and five white chicken were slaughtered during the whole rituals.

Other ethnic groups also took part in the traditional rituals, including the Tambanuo from Pitas, Kimaragang (Kota Marudu), Tobilung (Kota Marudu), Dusun Tindal (Kota Belud), and Kadazan ethnics from Kimanis and Papar districts.

Amann Sirom explained that the rituals were held to restore ties with the Creator in the Dusun belief, and asking for the ‘Rogons’ (evil spirits) that caused the natural disasters to be cast away from making further harm to the communities.

“The rituals are also to remind us of the covenant made by our ancestors with the Creator since time immemorial,” he said. – SayangSabah


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